“A great night out, we won!”

What prompted you to take part in these awards last year?

I wanted to broadcast the commitment our team has to innovation and to share how we have used a blend of technology, structure, and a focus on positive rather than negative outcomes to create a very engaged team.

How do you feel these awards compare with other award programmes that you have taken part in?

It’s difficult to answer this because this is the first awards programme I’ve taken part in, same is true for the team.

What are your lasting memories from the judging process?

Really great to engage with peers and talk about the specifics of Customer Service management discipline.

What are your lasting memories of the awards dinner?

A great night out, we won! Everyone was very proud of the achievement ant those who attended had a great time.

How did you celebrate your achievement back in the office?

I explained the award during a company “town hall” event, and week actually paraded it in front of everyone again. The company was very excited to have won.

Do you have any tips for organisations that are thinking of entering the awards this year?

We worked quite hard on explaining the rationale behind our submission, in terms of explaining the business benefits in a way that would be clear to someone new to our business.

The team who presented had the opportunity to run through the presentation a few times.

Both these things had collateral benefits, after the submission we really understood our own system a lot better.

Do you feel that your organisation has benefitted from winning an award at the ECCCSAs? If so, how?

Yes, for the team it was an immediate sense of pride. Not long after the award we set up an overseas operation, by the time we got to doing that we’d understand the real power of how we work as a team and it meant it was easier to translate that into a new location.

2018 Winners

The ECCCSA 2018 Awards Evening took place on 27 November in London. There were 1,200 attendees, finalists from 19 countries, and 28 winners - click below to see them.

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